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Invisiable Hinge

  • Model No.:A-12
  • Made In:Taiwan
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  • Type:Door & Window Hinge,Furniture Hinge

Key Features

These versatile hidden hinges offer exceptional strength, security and smooth operation. Regular hinges surpport weight on a single knuckle located outside the jamb, but these hinges place the weight on multiple moving pivot points within the hinge body so they can bear heavy loads. They seat flush in a deep mortise to resist sagging remaining inconspicuous and temper-resistant when closed. The interlinked laminated steel plates move smoothly and silently, opering 180 degree. Easily installed with a drill in wooden doors and frames. They are also used on  arcade machine or slot machine. With the Leaf Height : 1.44mm  2.60mm 3. 70mm 4. 94mm 5. 117mm



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